2018 Democratic Candidates

This list of people that have expressed an interest in being on the ballot in Nether Providence in 2018 is preliminary and may be incomplete. 

Pennsylvania House of Representatives 161st District

161st district representative

Pennsylvania Governor

Incumbent Governor of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

Nina Ahmad

Former Philadelphia Deputy Mayor of Public Engagement

Chester County commissioner


Mayor of Braddock, PA

Incumbent Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

United States House of Representatives District PA-5 (incomplete)

Ashley Lunkenheimer

former assistant U.S. attorney

Mary Gay Scanlon

former WSSD school board director

United States Senator for Pennsylvania

Incumbent Senator for Pennsylvania

Nether Providence Democratic Committee

Ward 1, precinct 1

Joanna Sloskey and Sean Guilday (write-in)

Ward 1, precinct 2

Kristy Chen and Amy DeWerth-Pallmeyer (write-in)

Ward 2, precinct 1

Christine Reuther and David Landau

Ward 2, precinct 2

Michael Meyer (write-in)

Ward 3

James Duffey and Kate Zidek

Ward 4, precinct 1

Laurie Friedman and Carol Fanconi

Ward 4, precinct 2

Mo Reilly and Agnes Wozniak

Ward 5, precinct 1

Ann Best and Nakeiha Primus Smith

Ward 5, precinct 2

Don Downie and Paul Jacobs

Ward 6, precinct 1

Doug Moore and David Baum

Ward 6, precinct 2

Rebecca Gerber and Holly Renegar

Ward 7, precinct 1

Eric Behrens and Jessica Stillman Lloyd

Ward 7, precinct 2

Mike Zdilla and Diane Taylor (write-in)

Delaware County's State Democratic Committee Members (11 elected, must be equally split among men and women)



  • Ross Anderson
  • Edward Brown
  • Brett Burman
  • Jim Butt
  • Pasquale Cipolloni
  • Bill Clinton
  • Michael Dieva
  • Donald Fields
  • Robert Kelly
  • James Savage
  • Michael Schleigh
  • Ray Santarelli
  • Bob Stump
  • Brian Treston (Nether Providence)
  • Malcolm Yates